The Beauty that Surrounds Me - November

I've mentioned before that I love the morning light that shines through our kitchen window. On this particular morning, I noticed how the sunlight was filtering in through the blinds, and I sought to capture the beautiful rays pouring in.

Here is a capture of a flower on the windowsill above the sink--this time in the early evening.

As I was spending a lot of time in the kitchen, watching how light was reflecting off of the counters, table, etc., I noted the stack of plates in the cupboard, and how the light was playing such an interesting role in the various tones. I was also struck with the lines formed with the plates, enhanced by the light. I'm in the middle of a workshop that is guiding me into seeing various design elements within my frame. This is simple beauty that would normally be overlooked unless you took the time to really look around you and see it.

{The series continues with the extremely talented Linda Hooper - please click on the link and read on to her post!}

Linda Hooper Photography

The Beauty that Surrounds Me - October

One of my photographer friends has set up a blog circle with the intent of all of us looking a little bit deeper at our surroundings and capturing the beauty that we see.  We are oftentimes so busy with our own routines that we glaze over those beautiful moments that bring pure happiness.  This project aims to help us slow down, take a good look around, and appreciate what surrounds us. October, in my opinion, is the best month in which to start a project on recognizing beauty. The trees are a myriad of brilliant colors, the air is crisp and favorite fall activities are enjoyed by many.  Just hearing 'October' brings forth images of hayrides, caramel apples, pumpkin spiced anything and everything, trick or treating, hot cider and spooky movies late at night while snuggled under a warm and fuzzy blanket.

This is our first fall in our new home, and I love watching the leaves on the trees in our yard turning, and the sound of leaves crunching as the boys race back and forth playing with their wagon, or kicking a ball around.  We now have the perfect spot for greeting trick or treaters and enough room to decorate with pumpkins.  I made a good sized dent in the pumpkin bin at Trader Joe's last month and the boys have been having so much fun with them.  We carved a number of jack-o'lanterns yesterday, and the twins loved getting messy helping me carve out the seeds.  This is their first year understanding Halloween, and it was so enjoyable to experience their giggles for the first time when they saw the silly carved faces lit up with candles.

In our home, we have the most beautiful morning sunshine the lights up our kitchen.  I happened to glance up during the pumpkin preparations and saw such gorgeous rays of sun falling on a baby pumpkin that one of the boys had set on the ledge.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I grabbed my camera and tried to capture those rays shining through the windows and the hazy orange baby pumpkin.

As I circled the pumpkin, looking at the different effects the light was casting on it from different angles, I was taken with how vibrant and crisp the pumpkin looked from the opposite angle.  More beauty--just at a different angle.

So, there you have it.  My first post about the beauty that surrounds me, in my little world.  Take a moment and look around you and pay special attention to something you wouldn't typically notice.  You may be surprised at the beauty you find!

{The series continues with the extremely talented Genesis Bowen - please click on the link and read on to her post!}

Genesis Bowen Photography