The Beauty that Surrounds Me - December

December flew by this year, and before I realized it, the holidays were over. We did many fun things together as a family, and one thing the boys really enjoyed was walking through the Festival of Lights at Meadowlark Gardens. You have reserved time slots to enter so that you have plenty of time to slowly walk through the gardens and view the amazing light exhibits. The boys had an absolute blast! At the end of the walk, there is a fire where you can make smores and a little stand where you can buy a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. The boys were a little too young and tired out to enjoy the fire at the end of the walk, but I'm sure that will be a different story by next year.

We were super excited for Christmas this year and my mom and stepdad were going to come down to spend it with us. Unfortunately, my stepdad has had some medical issues and had to spend a good deal of time in the hospital, so they cancelled. On Christmas Eve the boys came down with pneumonia and ear infections, so they weren't too playful or too interested in presents. However, I did get a lovely image of Danny enjoying the Christmas tree and giving it a huge hut! I love photographs of ornaments, and took several photos. I found these to be so beautiful that I could just stand and stare peacefully at them for a while.

And, finally, what holiday season can't be complete without some NYE fun! We took our boys out to dinner along with another couple and daughter around the same age as the boys. The little girl's mom made these fun signs that we had the three of them hold up, and this is what is most beautiful to me this month. That joy, sweetness and innocence is pure beauty.

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Linda Hooper Photography