Letters to Our Sons - April

Dear sweet peas, My letter this month is about fun, having fun, and fun memories.  I could probably overload this website with photos of the two of you being funny and having fun.  Everything you do at this age is new to you, and fills you with so much joy and laughter.  The words and phrases that the two of you come up with are hysterical and I really do need to start writing down some of the things you say, as your vocabulary grows.

Now that the weather is finally getting better and spring has finally arrived, we are able to go to the playground more often. As most munchkins, you could spend hours at the playground and not get bored.  Your daddy had to travel this month, so on one beautiful afternoon we had a fun time at the playground and then having a mommy/sons date at a mexican restaurant.  Neither of you wanted to leave the playground, but all was forgiven when you had bowls of fresh tortilla chips placed in front of you!

You've both always loved to swing and to play on the slide.  During this playground trip though, you both were brave enough to go down the big and swirly slide, and to climb up the ladders all by yourselves.  The shirts you are wearing in the photos below say it all--you are truly mommy's hug bugs!

I love you so much,

Love, Mommy

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Captured by Penelope