Letters to Our Sons - March

Dear Sweetpeas, The theme for this month's letter is "favorite things".  You both have so many things you love and love to do.  We are impatiently waiting for spring to finally make its appearance so that we can go outside and do those things you love--playing with balls, going to the park, swimming, walks with your Ammi & Papa, enjoying time during your Grammy's visits.  We recently moved and I'm so excited to get out and explore with you!

As it has been so chilly out, there have been lots of fun and games inside.  You love playing with playdoh, giving your stuffed animals rides on the slide, jumping on the trampoline, playing with mommy and daddy's cell phones whenever you get a chance.  You also love to look at books and play with legos and puzzles.  You love to try walking around in your daddy's shoes, and though you fight over toys at times, you have so much fun laughing and playing together.

Though you aren't too keen on getting your picture taken all of the time, you love when I put on the timer on the camera and snuggle with you guys for a photo!  During your Grammy's last visit, you also had fun snuggling up to her.  You love our kitty cat, Bijou, but she is nervous around your screeches of excitement upon seeing her, so she usually stays by herself.  But you do love when you get to see and pet her!

Another of your favorite things include your blankies:  monkey and bow wow.  They do not leave your side and you absolutely have to have them snuggling with you for naps and bedtime.  You even give them rides on the slide and on the rocking chair, and you give them snacks and sips from your sippy cups.  It is so cute.

I love you so much,

Love, Mommy

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Captured by Penelope