Letters to Our Sons - February

Dear sweetpeas, I have joined a group of amazing women in a blog circle and will be writing to you monthly.  Our topic for this month is 'love'.  I can't think of a more appropriate first topic to write to you about.  I loved you both before I met you.  Your daddy and I dreamed and prayed and wished for you.  From the very first kick I felt in my womb, to watching you both during ultrasounds moving and rolling around I have been lovestruck and in awe of every moment of you.  Have you any idea of how much you are loved, my little guys?  You are loved so very much and by so many people.

One of those things that is so special is the bond that the two of you share.  You have spent every moment of your lives together--from rolling around (and kicking each other) while you were growing in my belly for 8 months, to just moments after your birth.  These are hospital photos taken the day we brought you home.  Only moments old, and you had each already found your best friend, constant companion to play with, partner in crime to come up with crazy escapades--you have already found your best man for the day you marry.  This love between brothers, especially twin brothers, is special and unique, and I'm so blessed to have you both and to know you also have each other.

Even as you have grown, you still gravitate towards each other.  You may fight fiercely over coveted toys and books, and who gets to sit on mommy's lap, but you sure do have a blast playing together.  I listen through the baby monitor and often hear the two of you giggling hysterically, talking in twinspeak, playing games, singing, and totally cracking each other up.  There is no sweeter sound than this.  You have started to sleep in big boy beds over the past few months (the two of you climbing in and out of your cribs and into the others crib was adorable yet scary at the same time.)  When your dad or I go into your room to check on you before we go to bed, we often find you curled up next to one another on the floor, clutching your blankies.  When I check in on you during the night, one of you has usually made his way over to the other bed, so that you are both snuggled up together.  LOVE!  These moments totally melt my heart.


In the spirit of love, I tried to do a posed Valentine's Day shoot with the two of you.  Hee hee, of course it didn't work!  Neither of you sit still for even a moment unless you are sleeping!  However, you both had some much fun chasing each other around with cutout hearts and valentine necklaces.  You have certainly stolen your mama's heart...

I love you both so very much,

Love, mommy

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Captured by Penelope